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As BioWheels approaches nearly 30 years in business serving the Ohio Valley region, we continue to draw inspiration from the best bike shops all over the world. Whether it being fitting advice or mechanical service or selling the top brands, our mission is to inform and improve each clients’ riding experience with every interaction. BioWheels was dreamed up during a 1993 cross country bike tour. Many iconic and special American bike shops were visited and the question came up: “Why isn’t one of these bike shops in Cincinnati?” The BioWheels vision was brought to fruition in 1994 with the help and support of Cincinnati's small but passionate cycling community. From its founding, BioWheels breathed community and authenticity, redefining the local bicycle full-service shop experience for Greater Cincinnati cyclists. From it’s original 1000 square foot space in Clifton’s Ludlow Garage, BioWheels has grown to become the Ohio Valley region’s busiest bicycle fitting studio and service shop - pulling clients from Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, Indianapolis and beyond every day.

Photo by Wil Matthews

About the Owner

BioWheels’ owner Mitch Graham has a special appreciation for really great small businesses.  His first experience with this was his first visit to Bob Roncker’s Running Spot in his freshman year of college (Bob was his running coach at Xavier University).  Growing up on a farm in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, small businesses had already been replaced by big-box retailers.   Discovering all the great small businesses within Cincinnati was a real inspiration.  After a high school and collegiate running career, Mitch wandered into BioWheels as a customer in 1994 during his senior year at Xavier, searching for a mountain bike to commute with.  He'd been in bike shops before, but never one where so much personality, culture, and happiness hung in the air.  It reminded him of the Running Spot.  Little did he know that fated trip would turn into a profession.  Fast forward nearly 30 years….he’s moved BioWheels across town....hung out of a Asian pro team car rear window adjusting Leon Van Bon's bike at the Tour of Georgia....promoted 28 UCI cyclocross events in Cincinnati, including 3 UCI Pan American Cyclocross Championships at Covington's Devou performing over 7000 bike fits in one of the busiest bike fit studios in the Midwest.  Indeed it's been one wild ride.

  Giving Back to Community

  • CORA (Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance), our local IMBA trailbuilding and trail advocacy org, was conceived inside BioWheels bike shop in 1997 by Matthew Johnson (founder of BioWheels) and John Wyrick with the original goal of attaining legal mountain bike trails in Mt Airy Forest.  CORA continues to this day leveled up, managing 12 local trail systems (including Mt Airy Forest) within Greater Cincinnati. 

  • Mitch Graham (current owner of BioWheels) served as CORA president from 2000 to 2005.

  • OVCX (Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series) was conceived in 1998 inside BioWheels with Matthew Johnson serving as original series director.  Mitch Graham took over as OVCX Series Director from 2003-2015.  Turnout at events grew from 40 participants in 2003 to a high of 850 participants at an event in 2014 at the height of cyclocross popularity in the United States.

  • Cincinnati UCI-sanctioned cyclocross events grew out of the Harbin Park cyclocross event BioWheels’ Mattthew Johnson promoted starting in 1997.   Mitch Graham promoted Harbin Park event starting in 2000 through 2013.  

  • Mitch directed first UCI cyclocross event in the OVCX region in 2004 at the Harbin Park event that year.  He went on to direct a total of 28 UCI events in Cincinnati.

  • Mitch directed historic first UCI Pan-American (North and South America) Cyclocross Championships in 2014 at Devou Park  - and later went on to direct successful Pan-Am Devou Park events in 2015 and 2016.  2014 Devou Park event was voted ‘best Pro CX event in the United States’ by professional riders that year.

  • Mitch represented the Ohio Valley region at annual USA Cycling Cyclocross Promoters Summit in Colorado Springs 2011-2017

  • The BioWheels team has been a part of dozens of local mountain bike race events over the years  - with course design and maintenance, cash sponsorship, supplying volunteers, and behind the scenes organization.  Among these are OMBC Series events at East Fork and Caesar Creek.

  • Hyde Park Blast criterium had its start promoted by the Revolution/BioWheels road team in 2004.  Mitch took over as Blast race director from 2007-2014, including years 2013-2014 when it was part of the USA Crits national series. 

  • Madeira Centennial Criterium began in 2010 as a collaboration between BioWheels and the Madeira Chamber of Commerce.  Mitch has served as race director for that event since 2010, and will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary.  Madeira Crit shares its weekend with the Hyde Park Blast (late June).

  • BioWheels has organized dozens of road, mountain, and cyclocross beginner clinics.  Among celebrity guests to our clinics have been Katie Compton (13 time U.S. National Cyclocross Champion) and Jeremy Powers (3 time U.S. National Cyclocross Champion).  Hundreds of riders have participated over the years.

  • Financial support for local organized events

  • BioWheels has hosted weekly road, mountain and cyclocross training rides every year since 1994.

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