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You invest countless hours on your bike and trainer every year.  For most cyclists - a professional bike fit is a rare, sometimes once in a lifetime experience.  
For your time and money, make the most out of that fitting experience by seeing us.

As many of our clients know, Mitch Graham is on temporary medical leave of absence.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a new bike fitting, please use the "Text Us"  box to schedule a time with David Bordewisch (our general manager).

If you would like to schedule an appointment for an existing bike fit, please contact Kathleen Krumme via email:

Kathleen Krumme will be fitting by appointment while Mitch Graham is on medical leave.

Kathleen has been fitting bikes to cyclists for nearly three decades. She became interested in fitting while competing in triathlon and road bike racing, seeking the balance between comfort and performance, while minimizing risk of injury. 

She has performed thousands of fittings since 1996 and holds advanced certifications from the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI) in fit, time trial fit, triathlon fit, shoe/pedal interface and motion analysis. She served as a core fit instructor and executive director of the SICI fitting school during the early 2000’s.

“My goal in every fitting is to apply technology and sound, science-based principles of fitting to each individual rider, considering their goals, fitness, range of motion, flexibility, injury history and experience level in order to create the best union of bike and rider.”


Our fitting methods are used similarly worldwide by the top professional fitters.  Starting with a  pre-fit dynamic physical assessment, Mitch will take into account your body’s functional limitations, previous injuries and pains, and what your goals are on the bike. Couple the assessment with motion capture and the experienced eye he can look at the numbers, which show degrees of movement that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and make adjustments to your bike based on the fit data, pre-fit physical assessment findings and your goals on the bike. This also may include any equipment changes, such as shoes, footbeds, saddle, handlebars, etc.  Once you and he have dialed in your final bike position, he will create a digital map of your final bike set up.


  • Analysis of the fitting saddle model for each rider
  • Analysis of the optimal saddle position (fast and exactly)
  • Transparent solution for the contact point saddle in a professional bikefitting
  • Customization of an individual saddle
  • In- & outdoor applicable


  • Analysing the complete seating position on the bike
  • Before/ after comparison when ergonomic components are being change
  • Identifying malpositions of the back (side perspective)
  • Identifying malpositions of the hip (back perspective)
  • Identifying wrong knee-postures (front perspective)
  • Optimized customer retention and advisory quality through documentation and reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a bike fit?  Everyone who loves riding their bicycle, and has never been professionally fit to their bicycle before - should experience it.  It’s not just for “racers.” This very intelligent investment you make will net you more positive outcomes than any other purchase you can make for your bike.  That is why we have included the professional bike fit with bike purchase for nearly 30 years…we believe it is consistent with our belief in adding value.

What are your credentials?

First off, please scroll down to the bottom of this page for our positive fit client testimonial!  BioWheels fitter Mitch Graham has an exceptionally high level of bike fitting experience.  17 years practice with a focus on professional bike fitting.  12 years as a Retul Bike Fitter.  6 years certified as a Retul Master Fitter.  Working with 400 fit clients per year (1-2 clients per day) - Mitch has been peer-reviewed and recognized by the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) as a Level 3 Bike Fitter, a level reserved for the top of the profession.  The IBFI issues their accreditation based on fitter education, practical experience, and the quality of their fit studio setting.  A high IBFI rating insures a safe and effective bike fit for clients that seek out that high level fitting.  From Wisconsin to Colorado to New England, Mitch has attended top bike fit academies receiving extensive hands-on training and critique from world-leading bike fitters. He has traveled to complete 10 different bike fitting certifications.  Mitch has fitted thousands of road cyclists, triathletes, gravel grinders, time trialists, mountain bikers and cyclocross riders of all types, and regularly pulls them in from up to 7-hour travel distance.  As a cyclist, Mitch competed for 15 years regionally at the highest level in mountain, road and cyclocross.

When should I get my bike fit?   The sooner in your cycling career the better.  We recommend having a bike fit performed prior to investing in your first serious bike.  Finding a safe, confidence-inspiring position to ride those first miles will ensure lifelong enjoyment and ability.  Follow-up visits are advisable as needed by client.

You come recommended by friends.  Many shops offer bike fitting, so why get my fit at BioWheels?  Whichever shop you are looking at for your bike fit, ask them these questions… Is bike fitting their primary business, or is it an afterthought?  Is their fitter rated by the IBFI?  Are they rated at all by the IBFI?  Do they utilize a digital sit bone measuring device, as well as stock over 100 performance saddles all the time?  What’s their selection of footwear look like?  Do they fit 400 clients each year?  Do they pull fit clients from up to a 6 hour travel distance?  You get the idea - experience and investment matters in quality fitting results.  For many cyclists a professional bike fit is a once in a lifetime experience…. so make the most of it.

What days do you schedule fits?  How long does a fitting take?    On average, the fitting takes between 2 and 3 hours.  

Where is a good place to stay while I’m in town for my bike fit?  The Hampton Inn in Kenwood has been very popular, and is only a 5 minute drive from the shop (or 15-20 minute ride).   The link to their website is HERE.

What do I bring along for my bike fit appointment?  First and most importantly, your bike(s) you are wanting to have fit for you.  If you haven’t bought one yet, then we will be using our fitting bike so having a bike is not necessary.  Additionally, bring comfortable cycling clothes you normally wear for your rides - cycling shorts, shoes, and jersey (sleeveless if you have one).  If you need to purchase clothing, we have a wide selection of performance cycling shorts, shoes, socks in stock you can pick up before your session.

I am in the market for a new bike.  What should I do regarding a bike fit?   Always do the fit before purchase.  Many bike brands have inaccurate sizing information posted on their websites (Canyon online sizing almost always ends up with too small a bike recommended).  Go into the buying process educated about your needs, especially if you are a new rider.  Insure that your new bike can handle your optimal fit by having your fit done before buying.  We will go over possible good bike choices with you, and email you your measurements afterwards.  

Is BioWheels a bike shop, a fitting studio, or what?  BioWheels, founded in 1994, offers the futuristic bike shop experience for the cycling enthusiast.  At the center of this is our high-tech fitting studio and service area that supports our bike sales and service.  We are a stocking dealer for Cervelo, Specialized, BMC, Moots and Pinarello bicycles.  We are the largest dealer for Cervelo and Moots in the Ohio Valley area of the Midwest.  We carry approximately 100 new road, triathlon and gravel bikes in inventory, starting at $3200 and up.  What we have in inventory can be viewed on our “Bikes” page on this website if you would like to preview.  About 40 of them are on display inside our store.  We partner with The Pro’s Closet on trade-ins.  We offer 12 months no interest financing on bicycles.

Do you sell shoes and saddles?    We have one of the largest inventories of high-performance shoes and saddles in the country - over 100 in-stock saddles (Specialized, Selle Italia, ISM, Speed and Performance) and 400 in-stock pairs of high-performance shoes (Lake, Specialized, Shimano, Bont).  A proper fitting saddle can be a game-changer for your riding, and there’s no better place to find a good fitting shoe than at BioWheels during your bike fit.  We also offer custom insoles, stems, bars, powermeters, cleat lifts and wedges, pedal systems, aerobars, and most anything else fit related.  For questions on what we have in stock, please contact us at the link at the top of the page.

How private is the bike fit session?  Since our shop focuses on performance - we are much quieter than the average shop.  So any fit session time, even during our walk-in hours, is relatively private.  For the most quiet fitting session, we recommend you choose the 8am appointment time, or anytime Sundays and Mondays, where we do not have walk-in hours.

How do I go about signing up?  Bike fitting is by appointment only.  Are you experiencing pain or discomfort?  Is your saddle or shoes uncomfortable.  Looking for more power or aerodynamics?  Whatever your goals are. 

Bike Fit Client Testimonial