Community - it's what small business is all about.  BioWheels has dedicated thousands of hours of volunteer time helping to improve Cincinnati's local riding scene over the last 20 years.


 - Race Director 3rd Pan American Cyclocross Championships Devou Park October 29th

-  Race Director 6th Annual Madeira Centennial Criterium June 28th

- Sponsor Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance, Blue Ash Multisport Club, Cincinnati Triathlon Club


Mondays 6:15PM

Location: BioWheels, 6810 Miami Avenue, Madeira, Ohio 45243

Ride Leaders: Scott Fratianne, Mitch Graham, and Shelly Kissel

Ride Description: This is a challenging 26 mile ride through the roads in and around Indian Hills.  It is a great recovery ride for those that pushed it hard over the weekend and is a great ride for intermediate riders looking to push it a little. We have two speed groups, each with a posted maximum speed.  Both men and women are invited to participate.  The groups are:

  • “A” group which has a maximum speed of 25MPH on the flats and overall average speed of 20 to 22MPH with hills.
  • “B” group which has a maximum speed of 21MPH on the flats and an overall average speed of 16 to 18MPH with hills.

The B group is a no drop ride, meaning that we will regroup at major intersections and at the top of all hill climbs. This ride is also set up that if someone starts in the “A” group and finds it too fast they can easily roll back to the “B” group.  All rides will start and end at BioWheel’s parking lot. Helmet is required. Headlight and tail light is recommended. Rain, the threat of rain or wet roads will cancel the B ride. Monday ride loop map HERE

Indian Hills Women’s-Only Ride Mondays 6:15PM

Ride Leader: Shelly Kissel

Ride Description: This is a WOMENS ONLY ride that is part of the Monday night Tour de Indian Hills. The average speed for this ride will be 14 to 15 MPH. The ride begins and ends in the BioWheels parking lot.  The route will vary from week to week, heading sometimes into Indian Hill and sometimes towards Hyde Park.  Distance 20 - 30 miles.

Helmet Required.  Headlight and Tail light recommended.  Rain or wet road cancels ride.

Parking at BioWheels is limited.  Overflow parking available in neighborhood adjacent to shop towards Sellman Park (Naomi Ave).

Wednesdays 6:15PM

Class A advanced ride with 25 mph max speed on flats.  Whereas previously this was known and considered a "yes drop" ride as opposed to a "no drop" ride, this year we are taming down the ride with the goal of keeping the group together for a brisk pace.   There are 2 short wait points at the top of the long climbs.  Speed in the low-to-mid 20's with average around 20/21mph.  Rotating paceline most of the way with short turns on the front.  Rain or shine.  1700 feet of climbing.

Wednesday route map HERE


Class A advanced ride starting first Saturday in April going through October // 7:30am // Class A (20 mph avg) //120 minute ride. 25mph max speed on the flats.  Start location: BioWheels parking lot on corner of Miami and Camargo. Rain or shine.  Saturday route map HERE

NOTE: We ask that riders bring a blinking taillight for the early and late season rides.

Group Road Ride definitions

Class A – Advanced: Fast, very organized – wait at top of the big climbs.  Average speeds around 20 mph, with pace on the flats maxing out at 25 mph at times.  Experience with drafting a must, and experience in a rotating paceline recommended. Study the route map.  People may fall off the back, so please know the route and be prepared.

Class B – Intermediate (No Drop): average speed in the 16-18mph range.  Challenging route around Indian Hills, but lower speeds and ride will wait for stragglers.  More of a social ride.

Class C – Beginner: average speeds in the 10-14 range.  All riders allowed.  No drop.  Beginner-friendly.

Tips for New Group Ride Participants:

  • Be Prompt.  Group ride times listed are roll-out times.  Try and arrive at least 15 min early in order to prepare for ride.
  • Study the Map.  If a map of the ride course is available – check it out.  It helps to know when the more challenging sections are coming up.  Save a little energy for the hilly sections.
  • Be Prepared.  Have enough fluids and food to get you through the ride.  Make sure your bike is tuned up and ready, and that you have an emergency kit with spare tube, air, and tools.
  • Bring safety lights.  Oftentimes rides wind up going a bit later than expected, or run through some weather.  Blinking lights will make the group more visible to car traffic.
  • If you’re not sure what to do, hang back in the group and watch.