Introduced in 1994 in Clifton’s Ludlow Garage, "BioWheels Workshop Inc" rolled out as a service-oriented pro mtb shop.  Nearly 25 years later, BioWheels has a long-standing history of outstanding professional service on all makes and models of bicycles.  With our background, our speciality is making bikes event-ready with a focus on high performance.  We've prepared bikes for Ironman World Championships, Cyclocross World Championships, Cyclocross Pan American Championships, Road Nationals, Cyclocross Nationals, and countless Ironman events around the world.  BioWheels owner Mitch Graham is a 20-year veteran mechanic with a history of servicing professional athletes and teams.  BioWheels has 1000 square feet dedicated to specifically to the service area - with work stations that house an impressive array of tools and equipment to keep any of today's bikes, modern or not-so-modern, dialed in.  The goal with every bike is to make it ride better than ever.


Service rates

  • B-Level service (recommended 1-2 times per season) - detailed clean-down of bicycle with inspection and adjustments as needed to gears, brakes, bearings, rims: $150 for labor (replacement parts are extra)

  • A-Level service (recommended once season) - detailed clean-down of bicycle with bearing overhaul, creak removal, inspection and adjustments as needed to gears, brakes, rims: $200 for labor (replacement parts are extra).

  • Advanced work (tubular tire install, wheelbuilding, suspension service, etc) is available and quotes are available upon request.


  • There are two ways to drop off your bicycle for service - schedule an appointment for quick 24hr turnaround (minimum $150) or drop-off without appointment (7-14 day turnaround from April to September).

  • When booking appointment, please leave in notes type of bike, service required, and whether there may be any special parts needed to be ordered ahead of time.