Mitch is the ultimate professional. He treats everyone with respect, whether you are a newbie like myself, or a seasoned rider.
— LD, recreational road rider
I must say... I did come in this morning with high expectations. They were exceeded.
— TA, triathlete

A professional bike fit from BioWheels is a seriously smart investment for anyone who plans on spending any length of time riding a bicycle.   It will markedly improve the quality of that riding time - in both comfort and performance.  A bike fit is far from a commodity though - the best quality bike fitting experience comes with the help of a fitting specialist with superior experience, education, and technology.  




BioWheels fitter Mitch Graham has over 15 years practice in professional bike fitting, fitting close to 400 clients per year.  From Wisconsin to Colorado to New England, Mitch has attended top bike fit academies receiving extensive hands-on training and critique from world-best bike fitters Todd Carver, Mat Steinmetz, Dan Empfield, Ivan O'Gorman, John Dennis among others. He has completed nine bike fitting certifications: IBFI (International Bike Fitting Institute) Level 3, Retul University Master Fitter (highest level),Retul University Level 1, Retul University Level 2 Advanced, FIST (Fit Institute Slowtwitch), GURU Academy Level 1, GURU Academy Level 2 Advanced (highest level), Waterford and FitKit.  Additionally, Mitch has fitted thousands of road cyclists, triathletes, time trialists, mountain bikers and cyclocross racers and regularly pulls them in from up to 6 hour travel distance.  This experience, schooling, and technology has earned him an IBFI Level 3 Certification - a international certification reserved for fitters at the top of their profession, among the best in the world.  Aside from schooling, valuable education comes from clients - each fitting is a lesson for the bike fitter and the 400 clients Mitch works with each year helps him continually refine and makes him one of the Midwest's busiest bike fitters. For a portfolio of Mitch’s fit work, head on over to Instagram and give his page a follow: biowheels_workshop

As an athlete, Mitch started his career as a runner, setting 3 high school records in cross country and track at Weedsport High School in upstate NY, and then going on to set the school cross country record at Xavier University.  With injuries curtailing his running career, he transitioned over first to triathlon, then to mountain bike, road and cyclocross competition.  After 5 years of steady progression, he went on to win elite regional events in road, cyclocross, and mountain bike—his biggest wins occurring at the solo 24 hrs of Seven Springs, PA mountain bike event and Ault Park Criterium A race (AKA Wednesday Night Worlds) where he won both in the same week.  Now retired from competition and never satisfied with just being mediocre, he focuses on continually improving his craft and therefore better supporting his clients and their goals. 

Jon Hicks working on his position for Ironman Texas 2018 using our virtual wind tunnel

 Why BioWheels for your bike fit?  With fit studio second to none, our primary business is fitting:

  • One-stop fit service for getting your bike fit and picking up some new touchpoints for your bike: picking up a new pair of comfy shoes and insoles, trying out and buyng a new saddle professional installed to your fit specs, try out and buy new aerobars, etc

  • Mitch’s practical and educational experience is recognized at International Bike Fit Institute Level 3 - a level reserved for the world’s top fitters, and the highest accreditation among the Ohio Valley region’s fitters.

  • A fit studio packed with the latest high-tech tools

  • Dynamic fitting performed with Retul 3D motion capture.

  • GURU computerized, motorized fitting bike.

  • Full custom insoles

  • Pedal systems from Speedplay, Look, Shimano.






Fit First Beginner Foundation $200 - 75 min.

Triathlon | Time Trial | Road | Mountain | CX

The computerized/motorized GURU DFU - the world's most advanced fitting bike

Just getting started in the sport, and don't have a bike yet?  Get started out on the right foot - get fit first!  Designed to be the perfect first fit to prepare you for a bike purchase, this 75-minute service utilizes the F.I.S.T. fit method on a GURU computer-controlled, fully-adjustable fitting bike. Includes cleat, saddle and bar optimization for comfort and performance, coaching on posture and pedaling, and availability to demo different saddles and handlebars. GURU's 1300+ bicycle database is then consulted for perfect bicycle model and size for client, and a report with models and your fit measurements are emailed upon completion.   Fee includes setting up clients bike, so second short appointment is included after your bicycle is purchased. The $200 fee can be applied to purchase of bicycle at BioWheels if made within 30 days.

For riders with some level of experience - the Retul Fit is recommended.  Please scroll down for info on the Retul Fit.


retul fit service

retul fit service

The Retul bike fit - for beginner, intermediate or advanced cyclists looking to reduce discomfort and optimize performance.  With a physical assessment, GURU DFU computerized fit bike, Retul 3D motion-capture camera, BioRacer Aero virtual wind tunnel and a very thorough 3 hour fit protocol we provide and guarantee an optimized position.  Retul is the gold-standard in fitting technology, only available to the world's best bike fitters.  The GURU DFU fit bike is also a world-leader.  



Retul 3D Motion Capture Fit $300 - 3 hours

Triathlon | Time Trial | Road | Mountain | CX

Retul is the world's only cycling-specific, 3D motion capture system featuring real-time kinematic data

A thoroughly optimized fit on the GURU DFU fitting bike using the Retul fit protocol.  Dynamic Retul 3D data capture of rider position on bike for both left and right sides of body. Real-time position viewable on 55" screen while riding. Coaching on pedaling and posture. Full PDF report emailed to client featuring bike measurements, body measurements while riding, and corrections made to fit.  Very data-driven method.  $300 covers one type of bike fitting; additional bike types can be fit in the same appointment time at a cost of $150 each additional bike.  For example, one 6-hour appointment on a tri bike, mountain bike, and road bike would cost $600.  Please leave a note while booking appointment that you are interested in getting fit to more than one bike.



Dialed in the TT fit today at the best fit studio in Cincy, BioWheels. Mitch uses his years of bike fit and bike racing experience as well as the highest tech tools in the industry to optimize every aspect of the fit. Hands down the best in the biz and the only dude in town who will work on my bikes.
— Frank DeJulius, owner Fleet Feet Sports, 33, triathlete
I was amazed at all the data collection points and how well that translated into real world changes on the bike that actually felt much more comfortable. If folks only knew they didn’t have a clue about bike fit, they would be coming to you in droves! I am going to share my data and let people know what a great investment a bike fit is!
— Karen Wells, 58. cycling enthusiast time trial, cyclocross, road
OMG I would not have believed that just a few small adjustments made such a huge difference. NO back pain other than the usual fatigue when you do a hard ride. My hip and foot numbness...TOTALLY GONE! This honestly is the best I have felt since the bike was purchased. I am so comfortable with the new lower position and it was easy to keep my arms bent because I was not falling forward the entire time. It is wonderful to feel powerful again on the ride.
— Olivia Lally, 49, recreational road rider
I have to say that your adjustments and new equipment you recommended (cleat extenders, longer Speedplay axles, new shoe inserts, shorter stem, etc.) I am stunned at how much of a difference they have made. ...I’ve been up Amsterdam 3 times since your adjustments and haven’t stopped once on them, and I just rode 60 miles yesterday (the longest by me by more than 15 miles) and I felt just fine afterwards — only tired. My more upright position allows me to breath easier, my shoes feel better, my toes don’t go numb, and my knees don’t bow out or get sore. Now I feel like I should have visited you much sooner.
— PJ Combs, 55, recreational road rider
Mitch is the ultimate professional. He treats everyone with respect, whether you are a newbie like myself, or a seasoned rider. The fit is worth it, whether buying (a bike from him) or not. He spent the time making me practice unclipping from my pedals to reduce chances of falls, as well as appropriate shifting, riding areas. 3 weeks after my bike purchase he emailed me to ask if there were any issues that he could assist with. Best bike shop experience ever.
— Lester Doplechan, 48, recreational road rider
Just another update fyi. Had pretty much a breakthrough last night. Just my typical short 15 mile ride, but did my fastest time ever with my fastest average speed and fastest max speed. Felt totally great with my seat and hands totally fine the whole time. Also had a breathing breakthrough. Just all around great ride. So glad I had the fitting done. Everything’s changed.
— Shawn Rose, 40, recreational road rider
Remember how bad my fit was when I first came in? I probably wouldn’t be cycling still if I hadn’t come by for that Retul fit 3 years ago.
— David Wise, 55, recreational road rider
Really, that was awesome. And thank you for the fit because 1. I learned a lot 2. I have never felt comfortable until now! I can’t thank you enough!
— Matt Wright, 36, Triathlete
I can’t describe how much better my bike legs stayed fresh and I could tell a huge difference in efficiency and felt fantastic and I can tell a major difference. I believe everything will continue to improve with each ride and I want to thank you for this.
— Josh Evans, 42, Triathlete
I went for about an hour yesterday, the bike was amazing. Took some time to get used to it, but my cadence on the flats was way stronger. Climbing also improved with the longer front end. Overall an awesome improvement.
— Willam Baker, 62, recreational road rider
I have ridden twice on the road and once off-road. In short, I love it. I feel like I am getting significantly more power to the pedals. I have been trying to find a negative with the new fit, but cannot. Thank you so much!
— Seth Nuckols, 31, cyclocross & road racer
Wow what a difference! I really did add around 2 mph to my average ride speed and I feel a lot stronger during climbs.
— Tina Ulanowski, 50, triathlete and road rider
I wanted to give you a quick update...your positioning updates have really helped. For a beginner I’m making great strides I just finished a 50 mile Loveland trail ride last Sunday at a 19.25mph pace so I believe I am really starting to get the hang of this and I can tell it’s definitely a sport I can excel in and enjoy. Better yet, I’m halfway to my century ride goal so I’ll have to amend my own goals.
— Michael Lorenz, 28, recreational road cyclist
Just touching base to let you know my rides since the Retul fit have been awesome! I can’t thank you enough, I’m having the best rides ever.
— Cathy Doxey, 60, IM triathlete
New fit added 2mph for me! I felt real smooth and strong on the bike. Averaged 23.1mph when normally about 21mph. I had virtually no leg fatique the entire ride until the last 5-6 miles and still ran very well...6:36 splits. Overall 4:35 (previous PR was 4:50) and a third place finish!
— Jonathan Bade, 30, triathlete
Had a great 20 mile ride yesterday morning on what feels like a totally different bike. The hips and back feel great.
— John Lowe, 62, recreational road cyclist
I’m very happy that I went with the Retul fit. I can tell a huge difference, especially while climbing, I just feel much more comfortable on the bike.
— Mike Wissman, 36, adventure racer
Where I live (Florida), there are no bike fitting locations within a few hundred miles. So when I came home for Christmas this year, my brother suggested Mitch to me. The fit alone was phenomenal. My previous geometry was all wrong and I didn’t know what “right” felt like until now. The fit had an added bonus of helping me decide between a few bike brands I was debating between for my next tri ride. Very happy with my experience here.
— Kaitlyn Kinney, 28, triathlete
Thank you again for the time you spent getting me fit correctly a couple of weeks ago. The adjustments have worked like a charm. My saddle sores have all but subsided.
— Dave Lane, 45, recreational road cyclist
So I needed a road bike fit and started calling bike shops. Mitch picked up and worked me in the next day. The process, knowledge, and results were fantastic. In the end my bike is where I need it to be to prevent injury and go fast & efficient. It’s nice to deal with the owner with all those years of experience. It shows. The process was so easy for him but effective for me. I truly feel like I am on a different/better bike. Also, unlike other fits I have had, Mitch was never upselling me on a bunch of new stuff for my bike. Don’t go anywhere else!!!!!
— Grant Johnson, 35, recreational road cyclist
Had an awesome Retul bike fit from Mitch. The same day I completed my new bike fit, I went on a 3 hour ride and was 12 watts higher and my cadence increased by 10 RPM throughout the duration of the ride. This was on the same course, at the same heart rate, eating the same food as the previous week. I was honestly shocked and would be happy to share power files if you want to see proof. Thanks BioWheels!
— Kris Karwisch, 35, mountain biker
Got a fit by Mitch Graham at BioWheels last year and this helped increase my power and allowed me the comfortable training time necessary to win the Ault Park B Race Series with the support of Team Popsicle. Thanks Mitch!
— Rob Bruyer, 34, road racer
I went for a 20 mile ride yesterday. Wow! What a difference. My pedal stroke was so effortless! I have not been on the bike for a few weeks and the soreness that I usually have in my neck and back was not there. I usually have some minor chafing/friction as well. None of that was there. Amazing! Most noticeable was the inserts for the shoes. Kudos to you for your fitting process. Tom Carleton (fitness road rider)