A professional bike fit is a seriously great investment for anyone who plans on spending any length of time riding a bicycle.   It will markedly improve the quality of that riding time - in both comfort and performance.  A bike fit is far from a commodity though - the best quality bike fits come with the help of a fitter with experience, schooling, and cutting edge technology.  Before choosing your fitter, be sure to carefully review their qualifications.

Mitch is the ultimate professional. He treats everyone with respect, whether you are a newbie like myself, or a seasoned rider.
— LD, recreational road rider


Our lead fitter Mitch Graham has over 15 years experience in professional bike fitting.  From Wisconsin to Colorado to New England, Mitch has attended top bike fit academies receiving extensive direct instruction and critique from world-leading bike fitters Todd Carver, Mat Steinmetz, Dan Empfield, Ivan O'Gorman, John Dennis among others. He carries multiple current fit certifications: FIST (Fit Institute Slowtwitch), Retul University Level 1, Retul University Level 2 Advanced, Retul University Master Fitter (highest level), GURU Academy Level 1, GURU Academy Level 2 Advanced, Waterford and FitKit.

Mitch working with U.S. #1-ranked junior - Michigan's Alex Morton

 This experience, schooling, and technology has earned him an IBFI Level 3 Certification - a level of certification reserved for fitters at the top of their profession, among the best in the world - with the highest knowledge base expected of a bike fitter.  Aside from schooling, valuable education comes from clients - each fitting is a lesson for the bike fitter and the 300 clients Mitch works with each year helps him continually refine and makes him one of the Midwest's busiest bike fitters.

As an athlete, Mitch began his career as a high school and collegiate runner, holding 3 high school records in cross country and track at Weedsport High School in upstate NY, and then going on to set the cross country 8000m school record at Xavier University.  With injuries curtailing his running career, he transitioned over first to triathlon, then later to mountain bike, road and cyclocross.  After 5 years of steady progression, he went on to win elite events in road, cyclocross, and mountain bike—his biggest wins occurring at the solo 24 hrs of Seven Springs, PA mountain bike event and Ault Park Criterium where he won both in the same week.  Now retired from competition, he focuses on helping his clients be their best and leads rides out of the shop.

Why BioWheels for your bike fit?  With a fit studio second to none, BioWheels has made a primary business of selling and fitting bikes for 22 years.  It is our speciality.  Mitch has personally fitted thousands of riders of all different types and repeatedly pulls in cyclists from up to 5 hour travel distance who come to him to do their bike fits. We believe our Foundation Fit offering is the best bicycle fit value available to cyclists and triathletes in the Ohio Valley.  





GURU Foundation Fit $200 - 75 min.

Triathlon | Time Trial | Road | Mountain | CX

The computerized/motorized GURU DFU - the world's most advanced fitting bike

Designed to be the perfect first pro fit, this 75-minute service utilizes the F.I.S.T. fit method on a GURU computer-controlled, fully-adjustable fitting bike. Includes cleat, saddle and bar optimization, static body position measuring, coaching on posture and pedaling, and availability to demo different saddles during fit. GURU's 1300+ bicycle database is consulted for perfect bicycle model and size for client, and a fit report is emailed upon completion. BioWheels has one of only 50 GURU DFU bikes in the United States.