Photo by Jason Gray

About the Shop

Founded in the summer 0f 1993 in Clifton's historic Ludlow Garage, BioWheels was dreamed up during a cross country bike tour; brought to fruition with the help and support of Cincinnati's small but burgeoning mountain bike community.  From its founding, BioWheels breathed community and authenticity, redefining the local bicycle shop experience for Greater Cincinnati cyclists.  Once a mountain bike pro shop, BioWheels has expanded in it's 20+ years to cyclocross, triathlon and road to become Cincinnati's most versatile pro shop and bicycle fitting studio.






About the Owner

Photo by Wil Matthews

After a high school and collegiate running career that saw an equal share school records and injury, Mitch Graham wandered into BioWheels in 1994 during his senior year at Xavier University, searching for a mountain bike to commute to work with.  He'd been in bike shops before, but never one where so much personality and culture hung in the air. Little did he know that fated trip would begin a 20-year total immersion into all things bike.   

Fast forward 20 years - it's been a wild ride. Moving bike shop across town from a 1000 to a 3000 square foot space....hanging out of a Asian pro team car rear window adjusting Leon Van Bon's bike at the Tour of Georgia....promoting 13 UCI cyclocross events in Cincinnati, including 3 Pan American CX Championships at Covington's Devou Park....running the busiest bike fit studio in Greater Cincinnati.